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Madame Burova! Tarot Reader, Palmist & Clairvoyant! 

I am so thrilled to finally have this interview on the blog! Ruth Hogan is a beautiful writer and if you have not done so yet, grab a book of hers to bless your mind. I actually listened to to Madame Burova on my long drive from Idaho to Pennsylvania and could not get enough of the story. Madame Burova is a complex person with many layers. She is kind, humble, smart, accepting and so much more! After finishing this book I still felt as thought Madame Burova had more to share. She is a character that I will keep close to my heart. She was not a lady of her time. She was a rare human being. If you are looking for a wholesome, uplifting read, that will make you cry when the last word is read, this book is for you. Ruth Hogan was so kind to do a quick Q&A with me and I appreciate her time. Take a look below to read more about this author! 

Also check out her novel "The Keeper of Lost Things" which is also a beautiful masterpiece as well! 








What was your inspiration behind the magic of Madame Burova

One of the wonderful things about my job is that I can choose to write about things that I have a real passion for. I’ve always been fascinated by ghosts, clairvoyancy, Tarot, crystal balls and palmistry. On a visit to Brighton (a place I love) I saw the booth of Eva Petulengro, a famous Tarot reader and clairvoyant who worked on Brighton seafront for many years and whose clients included celebrities and even royalty. It sparked the idea for a book, and I then read her two autobiographies, The Girl in the Painted Caravan, and Caravans and Wedding Bands. Back home in Bedford, I decided to have some readings myself and I found the most amazing woman who has been reading cards and practising clairvoyancy for over thirty years and has clients all over the world. She not only agreed to act as an adviser while I was writing the book, but also to teach me how to read the cards myself. I did a beginners’ course and found myself completely hooked, and so continued for several months to complete an advanced course. I knew that to write the best book that I could, I needed to understand not only how to read the cards, but also what it feels like to do readings for complete strangers. I’ve done many readings to date, and I can’t imagine that I will ever stop reading the cards now!

I was also keen to write about a holiday park because it gave me a wonderful opportunity to include a host of interesting characters – particularly if they are entertainers by trade! I wanted to set the book partly in the 1970s, in a place and time where I grew up because I had experienced first-hand the cultural, social and political climate that prevailed on the streets, in the playground, on the TV and radio and in the press. Society was openly racist and sexist, and attitudes and actions that were commonplace then, are painfully unpalatable and rightly condemned today and so it was an interesting and challenging time period for me to explore.


What is your main goal or objective that you would love readers to take away from your novels?


Well, firstly I hope that they enjoy them! I also hope that they inspire people to live their lives in a positive way and make the most of everything that life has to offer. I’m a great believer in taking the time to notice small joys every day. I also hope that my characters highlight the importance of inclusivity – the acceptance and even celebration of differences.


Lastly, what book has changed or inspired your life & how? 


A lovely little book which hardly anyone has heard of called Morning’s at Seven by Eric Malpass. It’s a beautifully written story about a multi-generational family all living in the same house. When I first read it, I was completely drawn into the lives of the characters. I wanted to live in their world and be their friend. The author had managed to create a world that was completely real to me which is such a gift. This was the book that made me want to be a writer.



So much thanks to Ruth Hogan and her time. I look forward to reading her next novel and will keep my eyes peeled! "Madame Burova" is available in our paperback collection! 


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